Skip to main content, the Dublin based online hotel booking agency, has, this week, secured a new 12 month contract with Musgrave Group. Roomex has been working primarily in the Irish market for 7 years now, with over 550,000 hotels on their portfolio. In 2012, due to demand from large corporate clients to create private hotel booking portals with access to corporate rates, Roomex moved its focus entirely to its ‘Roomex for Business’ platform.

Musgrave Group, one of Ireland’s biggest Retail Partners and Wholesalers, currently employs over 5,000 staff in 25 European locations. Travel plays a big part in their everyday business and their hotel spend is significant. As well as needing complete visibility and control over this expenditure, Musgrave’s also wants to ensure that they are giving business to preferred hotels.

The new Roomex / Musgrave Hotel booking portal first went live just over a year ago. Hotels were informed of the new booking flow and an amended travel policy was sent out to all staff by HR management – expenses would no longer be refunded on hotel spend unless they were made through the new portal !

Jack Donaghy, CEO of – “We’re extremely grateful to have Musgrave’s as a client, they raised the bar in terms of expectations and the Roomex for Business platform has evolved dramatically as a result. The data they have at their fingertips now is incredible – they have booked 452 different hotels, in 135 cities in 9 different countries in the last 12 months! They can analyse this by division, hotel, individual or even account code if needs be, all within seconds. And, since we price compare every booking, we know they’ve saved a lot - 19% compared to standard rates to be exact.”

Ingrid de Doncker, Musgrave Group eAuction Executive, is delighted: “From an operational point of view, Roomex for Business is a seamless online booking tool, personalised for our business, staff and preferences. Roomex go a long way to ensure that we are getting the best rates and by rate-comparing every single booking, they are not only measuring the savings we make, but also ensuring that we never pay over the odds. As experts in their field, they have allowed Musgrave to bring our accommodation spend under control and proactively manage it more effectively and efficiently. On top of this, their customer service is simply exceptional.”

And, as a result of this, Roomex are now starting their second year with Musgrave’s, with the ringing endorsement of Michael Kelleher, Musgrave Group Financial Controller: “I am satisfied that Roomex are delivering savings to the business and strongly recommend the continued use of Roomex as a group requirement in order to achieve lowest cost. Roomex saves us money and time, gives us live reporting, manages our contracting and provides top level support… and there’s no cost!”

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Jack Donaghy
Post by Jack Donaghy
October 15, 2014




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