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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the top travel management software solutions available in 2024. With a staggering 445 million business trips undertaken every year by workforce travellers and business travel anticipated to rebound to pre-pandemic levels by 2027, the demand for efficient travel management solutions is increasing.

Business travel plans aren’t straightforward. 78% of millennials intentionally carve out personal time during business trips, creating a need for easy expense management and travel booking systems that keep work and play organised and separate.

In this blog, we’ll compare the leading travel management software options—including Roomex, TravelPerk, Navan, and more—equipping businesses with the tools to streamline their corporate travel processes and stay efficient.


Travel management booking software like Roomex can help businesses with multiple travelling employees keep on top of travel bookings and expenses.


Corporate travel management: What is it and why do you need it?

Corporate travel management refers to the process of overseeing and coordinating business-related travel arrangements for employees within an organisation. This includes everything from booking flights and accommodations to managing expenses and ensuring compliance with company travel policies.

Efficient corporate travel management is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Here’s why:

It saves money: By centralising travel bookings and making use of negotiated rates with suppliers, businesses can achieve significant cost savings on travel expenses.

It streamlines booking and expenses processes: A business travel management system streamlines the entire travel process, from booking to expense reimbursement, reducing the administrative burden and saving time for both travellers and travel managers.

It upholds your corporate duty of care: Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees during business travel is paramount. Travel management software provides tools for tracking employee itineraries and communicating critical information during emergencies.


Corporate travel management tools can save you money by giving you access to preferential rates, negotiated at scale.


What is a travel management platform?

A travel management platform is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimise various aspects of corporate travel. It serves as a centralised hub for managing all travel-related tasks, including booking, expenses, and analytics. This platform simplifies the entire travel process by consolidating multiple functions into a single interface. It enables users to:

Book travel: Business travel software provides tools for booking flights, accommodations, and transportation seamlessly. Users can access negotiated rates and preferred suppliers that are in line with company travel policies.

Manage expenses: An otherwise tedious task, travel management platforms automate expense reporting, allowing users to capture receipts, track spending, and submit reimbursement requests effortlessly.

Share analytics: Monitor travel spending, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Travel management platforms offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights.


The top travel management software in 2024 compared




Who should use it?

Roomex is a business travel management company for businesses with highly mobile workforces requiring domestic travel accommodations. It caters to companies operating in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How does it work?

Roomex is a global hotel booking platform specifically designed for business travel, offering a centralised platform that connects to every hotel worldwide. By presenting the best accommodation options at competitive rates and consolidating payments into a single invoice, Roomex eliminates the hassle of manual administration and ensures cost savings for businesses.

Best features:

  • Roomex provides access to over 2 million properties from leading providers, offering exclusively negotiated rates not found elsewhere.
  • Custom workforce filters allow users to narrow searches based on specific requirements, such as secured parking or free cancellation.
  • Roomex's industry-leading analytics software provides real-time data insights into workforce travel spend, policy compliance, and spend distribution.
  • Roomex offers RoomexPay, a business expense management solution that eliminates out-of-pocket spending for travellers.

Don’t take our word for it!

“Roomex provides a simple platform where we can keep an eye on everyone's spending on hotels. Previously we would have to go through the expenses to check on trends.” —Capterra reviewer.


To learn more about Roomex, speak to a Roomex Travel Expert now.


Navan is a travel booking software for business that allows travel managers and employees to book corporate travel in line with company policies.


Who is it for?

Navan (formerly TripActions) is suitable for businesses seeking to simplify accounting, manage spend effectively, and save money across expenses and travel.

How does it work?

Navan is an all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution. A corporate travel planner can use it to book flights, hotels, trains, or rental cars. It provides businesses with real-time data insights to keep workforce travellers safe, reduce spending, and drive productivity. Navan leverages volume discounts from third-party sources like Priceline,, and Expedia.

Best features:

  • Proactive notifications and support in case of flight delays or cancellations.
  • A user-friendly interface for starting bookings directly, whether it's flights, hotels, trains, or rental cars.
  • Users can use the business's own travel payment cards or link existing Visa and Mastercard accounts to track spending, control purchases, and earn rewards points.

Here’s what customers say:

“Whenever a flight gets delayed or cancelled, or something is going on, they always let me know before the airline even does. Plus, it's great to get Amazon credit for booking within the company asks.” —Capterra reviewer



 TravelPerk helps managers booking business travel manage multiple employee trips and expenses in one place.



Who should use it?

TravelPerk offers corporate travel software suitable for businesses of all sizes seeking to manage and book all their travel needs in one place. One of the leading names in corporate travel management, it’s also one of the more costly. TravelPerk boasts big-name customers like Uber, FarFetch, and Wise.

How does it work?

TravelPerk simplifies the process of booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for corporate trips. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including real-time reporting, policy configurations, and expense management, making it a one-stop solution for businesses.

Best features:

  • TravelPerk offers access to the world's largest inventory of flights, hotels, rental cars, and accommodation.
  • Quick and efficient customer support with an average response time of just 15 seconds.
  • Real-time travel tracking, policy configurations, and expense management, ensuring compliance and control over travel spending.

Don’t take our word for it

“It's a pretty comprehensive business travel solution for organisations with employees that often need to travel domestically or internationally and allows operations people to set cost limits so cost-effective booking is easy for staff.” —G2 reviewer. for Business features millions of listings in 150,000 locations worldwide, but lacks the same integrations as some other travel management solutions. for Business

Who is it for? for Business is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With an easy implementation process, integration with Google Workspace, and a user-friendly interface, for Business caters to companies that require frequent travel arrangements.

How does it work? for Business is the official business portal of, offering businesses a comprehensive travel management solution. Completely free to use, the platform provides access to an extensive inventory of flights, accommodations, and car rental services worldwide. The platform comes with 24/7 customer support in 44 languages and integrated expense reporting.

Best features:

  • Implementing for Business company-wide is straightforward, with easy assignment of user roles.
  • Users can choose from millions of listings in over 150,000 destinations worldwide, ensuring flexibility and choice in travel arrangements.
  • com for Business features integrated expense reporting, allowing users to monitor and track spending effortlessly. Different permission levels can be set for team members, providing control over expenses.

Here’s what customers say:

“One dashboard gives all the information you need. It also shows the distance to a specific spot from the property. They provide accurate contact information and additional options to select local taxis and food at the hotel, which is super convenient.” —G2 reviewer


Wrapping up travel management software

Effective corporate travel management helps businesses save money, streamline expense claims, and keep on top of their duty of care for workforce travellers. These platforms centralise all travel-related activities, providing comprehensive insights into travel trends and control over expenses, ensuring compliance with company policies, and optimising budget allocation.

Additionally, they enhance employee satisfaction by offering easy access to a wide range of travel options and personalised booking experiences, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more productive travel experience for businesses.

With Roomex, businesses can experience the ultimate solution tailored to their workforce travel needs. From simplified booking processes to access to a vast accommodation network, Roomex streamlines every aspect of corporate travel management. With no contracts and a user-friendly interface, Roomex empowers businesses to take control of their travel expenses and enhance productivity.

Conor Duffy
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March 19, 2024




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