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Finding the right accommodation to fit your employee's needs is crucial when planning business travel. Unlike leisure trips, priorities for business travel hotels shift towards practicality, comfort, and productivity. Things like late checkout and negotiated rates become more important; value for your employee's time—and your business’ money—gets top billing.

With 40% of hotel guests being business travellers, the range of suitable accommodations is limited. Choices for travel managers and bookers can be confusing. Travel habits and preferences among employees are changing too. 78% of Millennials now integrate leisure into business trips, with hotel requirements reflecting the dual purpose of their trip.

So, what should you look for in business travel accommodation? Let's explore essential factors for a productive stay.

Location is a key consideration when booking hotels for business. Look for hotels offering easy access to transport hubs, offices, and business venues.

Location, location, location:

Getting your business hotel location spot on will make any business trip more efficient. Choose somewhere with good access to transportation hubs and close to business venues, offices, or meetings to reduce time wasted travelling. Remember, though, a safe and secure neighbourhood is non-negotiable.

Additionally, easy access to local attractions facilitates downtime and networking opportunities for your staff.



For most companies, cost is going to be a deciding factor when booking accommodation for business travel. A US study by Amadeus showed that for employees who don’t follow company travel policy (50% of business travellers), convenience and cost are the main reasons for looking elsewhere. For the best rates, look for hotels that offer:

Transparent pricing structures:

This helps you avoid hidden fees or surprises, allowing for better budget planning and financial management.

Opportunities for negotiated rates or corporate discounts:

These allow you to access better value rooms without compromising quality or service. If you or your staff travel regularly, then consider joining hotel loyalty programmes, too.

Value-added services:

Complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, and other services included in the cost will maximise the overall value of your stay.

Clear cancellation policies:

Prioritise hotels with clear cancellation policies to mitigate the risk of unexpected costs in case of itinerary changes or unforeseen circumstances.


Can you ask hotels for a cheaper rate?

In short, yes. Hotel business rates are always more negotiable than you think.

One effective strategy is to leverage the negotiating power of travel management platforms like Roomex, which can negotiate rates on behalf of multiple businesses. This significantly increases negotiating power and leads to more favourable rates and enhanced benefits.

You can also ask about bulk booking discounts for extended stays or explore off-peak periods for potential cost savings.

Business hotel amenities are a priority. Is there reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi? Dedicated workspaces? Access to meeting rooms and other essential business services?


Great business hotel amenities:

Business travellers require essential amenities to ensure a productive stay. Look for hotels that prioritise:

High-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated workspaces:

This should be reliable and readily accessible throughout the hotel to keep you connected.

On-site dining options:

Quick and easy access to meals between meetings or during downtime helps keep staff happy and healthy. Or, use hotel restaurants to wine and dine clients, double down on sales pitches, or network.

Access to printing, copying, and other business services:

Think of the business hotel as your office away from home. Can the front desk provide you with the administrative services you need to do your job seamlessly when you travel?

Hotel meeting room rental options:

Keeping everything on-site is cost-effective and efficient. If travel will include business meetings and events, consider hotels that offer well-equipped meeting spaces, flexible booking options for varying group sizes, tech-savvy facilities for presentations and video conferences, and catering services for seamless event planning.


Note: With 80% of travellers wanting to book hotels online, you must look for business travel accommodations that make it easy to view, filter, and evaluate amenities before arrival.

Wellness facilities including gyms are becoming a 2024 priority for workplace travellers.


Wellness facilities:

In 2024, wellness has become a pivotal consideration in business travel programmes, with 48% of workplace travellers making decisions influenced by their physical health. Business travel managers booking corporate accommodations across all price points need to factor in a demand for physical and mental wellness offerings.

Facilities to look out for include on-site gyms with modern exercise equipment, spa services, healthy dining options, and outdoor space for walking, jogging, meditation, or connecting with nature.


Business travel booking is inherently unpredictable. Schedules change, projects overrun, and staff priorities shift, creating knock-on financial implications for business travel plans.

And it’s not just employers who want to cover costs. Employees don’t want to be tied into rigid plans either. In 2018, research showed 37% of workplace travellers wanted more autonomy and flexibility when they travel.

A business travel accommodation offering flexible booking options is a must. Here’s what to look out for:

The ability to modify reservations without penalties:

To allow for changes in travel plans—including name, date, or duration changes—without financial repercussions.

Accommodation of special requests or preferences:

Seek hotels that can accommodate requests for room upgrades or specific amenities, enhancing overall comfort and helping you enjoy your stay more fully. This is particularly important if you or your employees have specific accessibility needs.

Tailored solutions for unexpected changes:

Opt for hotels with dedicated staff to provide assistance and support when plans change to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, even in challenging circumstances.

Hotels with late check out or 24 hour check in offer workplace travellers more flexibility.


Is it Possible to Ask for Late Check-Out?

If you’ve got morning meetings and you don’t want to carry your bags with you, it's worth noting that many hotels are open to accommodating such requests, particularly for workplace travellers.

Business travellers often have tight schedules, and a late check-out can provide valuable extra time to wrap up meetings or prepare for departure without feeling rushed. However, it's essential to communicate your needs with the hotel staff in advance, as availability may vary depending on factors such as hotel occupancy and housekeeping schedules.

Booking via the Roomex platform can enhance your chances of securing a late check-out, as we have established relationships with hotels, increasing the likelihood of a favourable answer, and can grant you access to perks and privileges unavailable to independent guests.


What about late night check in hotels?

These exist, of course. And with 81% of business travellers expecting to use hotels with virtual, reception-free check-in processes in the future, 24-hour check-in hotels will only become more common.

Prioritise hotels with well-lit surroundings and secure entry points to guarantee safety and peace of mind, especially when arriving late at night. Communicating your travel plans to the hotel in advance will help ensure a seamless check-in process and make sure your room is held past the usual check-in hours.

Our tip? Use Roomex's filters to streamline the search for late-night check-in options at business travel accommodations.

Read reviews and check ratings to ensure you book a business hotel offering a reliable level of service.



You need business travel accommodations you can trust. How? Find hotels backed by:

Trustworthy reviews and ratings:

Rely on feedback from fellow business travellers to gauge the reliability of accommodations, ensuring a consistent and satisfactory experience. Independent review sites like TrustPilot are a good place to start.

Consistent service quality:

Prioritise hotels known for maintaining high standards of service quality and cleanliness, providing reassurance of a comfortable and reliable stay. Gather this information in house by asking staff for feedback after a trip.

Proactive customer support:

Choose hotels that address any issues or concerns promptly and efficiently, minimising disruptions to your trip.


Consider sustainable business travel options:

The carbon footprint of business travel is a hot topic. For finance giant PWC—and other similar Fortune 500 businesses—corporate travel accounts for 53% of the company’s total carbon footprint. An increased scrutiny around sustainability means corporate travel managers need to book more sustainable business travel options. How?

You can prioritise eco-friendly accommodations with green certifications, hotels that run on renewable energy sources, or look for business accommodations that participate in carbon offs1et, regeneration, or rewilding programs to further mitigate environmental impacts.

Roomex enhances these efforts by promoting sustainable travel options, catering to your preferences as a conscientious traveller.

Sustainability is going to be a decisive issue in corporate travel management in 2024. Ensure your hotels for business travel align with wider company sustainability commitments.


Alternatives to hotels for business travel:

Platforms like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb have dramatically changed the landscape of leisure travel, but what about business accommodation? Hotels aren’t the only business travel solution and other options exist in the modern sharing economy. Serviced apartments provide flexibility and comfort for extended stays, offering amenities akin to home, while villas, homestays, and co-living spaces present networking opportunities, allowing for connections with like-minded professionals in a more informal, communal environment.


Wrapping up

With Roomex, you have the power to filter accommodations based on your specific preferences and needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business trip. Roomex offers a trusted and curated selection of hotels, guaranteeing quality and reliability with every booking. Additionally, Roomex streamlines the booking process by consolidating all expenses into one lump sum, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple invoices.


Booking your business travel accommodations becomes efficient, convenient, and stress-free, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—enjoying your trip. Book a demo today.

Conor Duffy
Post by Conor Duffy
March 13, 2024




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