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As the hospitality sector rebuilds itself in the wake of the global pandemic, having a robust travel policy will stand you in good stead. Yet, according to Finance Online, only 60 per cent of companies actually have one. 

A business policy can be considered as a set of guidelines and procedures around business travel. This tends to cover the process for; making bookings, expense management, the authorization process, and overall guidelines when travelling for work.  

If your organization conducts business travel of any kind, a corporate travel policy forms an important part of your duty of care. It can also help to streamline costs, enhance brand reputation, and provide essential information for employees. 

Still need convincing? Here’s seven good reasons why every business should have a strong travel policy in place. 


1. Provides Clear Guidance

As an employee, work travel can be a minefield of do’s and don’ts. Colleagues may wonder what expenses they can claim, how to make last-minute cancellations, and what to do in the event of illness. Having a robust policy that’s easy to access allows employees to find information when they need it.  

With it being such an unsettling time in travel, it’s important to lay out the company’s policy on travel expectations, with no room for misinterpretation. As a business, this can also protect you from certain liabilities.


2. Enhances your duty of care

As a business, it’s your responsibility to consider the welfare of employees, whether they are office based or working remotely. With remote working on the rise, it can be challenging to know where your colleagues are based at any given time. With wellbeing and employee care more important than ever, having a well-considered and up-to-date corporate travel policy, that includes duty of care, will enhance your overall brand. Not only does duty of care form part of general legislation, it also enhances your proposition as a company that employees are proud to work for. The Roomex platform provides a personalized real-time duty of care map so it's easy to check on employees domestically and globally. This can prove highly beneficial if colleagues need to be notified about important events or news, or as part of overall ‘track and trace’ compliance. 


3. Supports the challenges of flexible travel 

In the current climate, businesses need to be sympathetic to flexible traveling, last-minute cancellations, and late bookings. Having a strong business travel policy allows you to forward plan for such eventualities, with a structure in place for employees to manage bookings and cancellations with ease. This also means that office workers aren’t disturbed out of hours. 


4. Reduces deviations from corporate policy

With a robust travel policy, supported by an online booking system in place, it’s less likely that employees will deviate from company policies. This can help with cost savings and potential HR issues. One of the many benefits of the Roomex platform is that business travel policies show up directly in hotel search results, indicating whether a booking will be in or out of company policy. Overall company compliance can then be measured using RoomexAnalytics. 


5. Attracts and retains talent 

In such competitive times, being able to attract and retain talent is key, so brand reputation is important. A detailed and considered travel policy may have a number of ‘perks’ that employees can benefit from. This all forms part of your overall brand perception, helping to bring in new talent and prevent expensive labor turnover. 


6. Meets the needs of your workforce 

On that note, a considered travel policy also demonstrates employee care, putting people at the heart of your business. If you can, involve and invite colleagues to provide feedback and constantly review and update your policy. This will continue to strengthen employee satisfaction levels. 


7. Helps with cost savings

There’s no question that one of the greatest benefits of a robust travel policy is the cost-savings it brings. By managing and controlling spend and providing clear guidelines on expenses and the booking process, your business can prevent unnecessary spend and make savings at the same time. 


So, there you have it, seven good reasons why your business needs a solid corporate travel policy, and how it brings a number of benefits with it.


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Sophia Walker
Post by Sophia Walker
February 16, 2022
Sophia Walker is a freelance content writer with a passion for travel, wellbeing and storytelling. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, her work has been published extensively in print and online. This includes The Huffington Post and various corporate websites and blogs. Sophia is often found in far-flung destinations, when not in her native home of London.




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