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If you’re in charge of organising travel for your mobile workforce, your goal is simple. You need to book safe, clean, comfortable rooms for employees scattered around the country while keeping in mind budgets, meals, parking, and late check-ins. Easy... right? 

Managing travel for the mobile workforce is not for the faint of heart - its' a difficult juggling act that moves fast, and changes often. We've been working with mobile workforce's that carry out project based work for years - and we developed Roomex to best suit their needs. 

Roomex offers one centralised platform to help you manage mobile workforce travel

1. Relevant properties at discounted prices to keep you within budget

We know what kind of properties you're looking for when managing mobile workforce travel. We have the largest selection of 2-3 star properties, aparthotels, hundreds of Exclusive Roomex Rates, plus 2,500 additional UK discounted rates with Saver+ to keep our prices as low as possible. Plus, you're assigned an account manager who can source locations or specific hotels that you don't see on your platform. 

We've also added a new feature called RoomexClean that informs users of individual hotel safety measures at a glance. We have a specific icon that appears in accommodation results indicating that we have personally confirmed that the hotel they are booking meets or exceeds the cleaning stands as recommended by the World Health Organisation.


2. Detailed analytics software to assist decision making

Roomex Analytics brings full visibility and control into the often disorganised world of managing travel for the mobile workforce. It gives you an easy way to break down spend, find savings, and pull reports. At a glance you're able to find out:

  • Total hotel spend
  • Total savings
  • Total number of room nights
  • Policy compliance rate
  • Top hotels, bookers, and travelers

Our goal is to create an easy way to look into costs, while identifying new ways to save. 


3. Live duty of care map to ensure everyone is safe and looked after

Its common for businesses to book mobile workforce travel with multiple bookers through various leisure sites. But- this makes it difficult to keep track of past, present, and future trips. Now, more than ever, keeping track of where your employees have traveled to is important, should another outbreak occur. 

Our centralised system makes it easy to book and subsequently manage bookings and guest information, so its fast and easy to look up historical and future reservations should you need to reach your employees.

duty of care map

4. Group booking service from our experienced team

Business travel has changed a lot this year- and managing project bookings and long term stays have as well. Our hotel experts have been reacting to the changes that the travel industry has undergone over the last few months - and have been making project bookings on behalf of front line staff and key workers.

They will help you source, negotiate, and book both bedrooms and meeting rooms that best suit your needs - saving you time and money.

  • We promise a one-hour response time to your inquiry
  • Our Group Booking Manager will ensure all details of your group booking are met and the hotel is ready for your arrival
  • We also facilitate special requests such as meeting rooms, project bookings, meal services and meeting supplies such as projectors and computers.

5. Hotel confirmations and late check ins

Whether your staff are working roads, sites or in plants, many projects take place out-of-hours. Your employees mightn’t check in until the early hours of the morning. Through Roomex, you can secure off-peak check-ins. Our hotel support experts will also confirm this during their reservation checks, meaning you’ll never have to deal with late-night troubleshooting again. 

6. Meal allowances and prepaid credit cards to keep in trip expenses organised 

Securing accommodation isn't the only focus of those managing mobile workforce travel. Accounting for the payment of parking, food and general expenses can be difficult and involve multiple departments. We have a few solutions for managing these expenses and our team can recommend and guide you to the one that best works for your company's needs. 

We offer meal allowances for food at the hotel booked that can be added and paid for with your accommodation. This is a good option for those managing contractors.

RoomexPay is our complete expense management system. It offers a suite of prepaid debit cards, a mobile app, and a web console to provide the complete, end to end, spend management solution. Learn more about RoomexPay and this option here. 

Group 1448

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Roomex can help you manage travel for your mobile workforce

Hannah Harrington
Post by Hannah Harrington
October 15, 2020
Hannah focuses on all things product and content marketing for Roomex. When she's not writing, find this Dublin transplant uncovering all that Ireland has to offer.




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